Export transactions from last export

Can we have an option to only export transactions from our last export.
I currently export my joint account transactions to put them in a Google sheets document which I then use to visualise my cash flow alongside my personal account. As Monzo plus isn’t available for joint accounts, I have to do this manually and regularly.

Which means I have to export the same period multiple times throughout the month and select only the latest ones to copy across, or if I’ve been slacking, multiple months.

If we had a “since last export” it would make things much simpler and more streamlined.


In the meantime, you could dump the transactions in a sheet and use the filter/unique functions to only get the new data so it wouldn’t matter if there was a crossover as it would ignore duplicates.

I get the use case for this, and it would almost certainly be handy, but as @Revels alluded to, if Plus was available for joint accounts, you would have one long, ever expanding, list of transactions.

So downloading all of your transactions periodically would seem to be the best workaround in the meantime.

If Plus ever does become available for joint accounts it’s the scenario you’ll be presented with, anyway.