Summary for Joint Account Contributions and Spending

it would be great if there was a summary for how much each person has contributed to the joint account (bonus points to have overall and monthly reports), and also how much each person has spent

That sounds like you maybe want to have two separate accounts. The feature you’re asking for kinda sounds like the opposite of a joint account :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tag the transactions

Except that money paid in cannot be assigned to either party automatically, nor can direct debits, scheduled transactions, etc.

It sounds like what you want may be better suited to splitting a tab with someone, not a joint account.

Nope! I want to have a joint account with my partner so we can share our expenses, and also have a pot for saving :slight_smile: we get paid from our jobs at different times, I’m monthly and he is weekly, so it would be nice if there was a total contribution sum for each of us, as at the minute, we are just counting up how much each has added to the joint account manually to make sure we have both made even contributions, hope this makes sense.

Are you both being paid into your own Personal accounts and then transferring ‘£x’ amount(s) to the Joint account or are salary payments for both of you going straight into the Joint account?

Absolutely! Detailed contribution and spending summaries are essential for transparent finances, It would greatly enhance financial management for shared accounts.

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we are transferring it in, we experimented with tags and categories but I believe it would be better to have a contribution summary somewhere in the joint account feed

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A joint account isn’t designed so you can keep tabs on what the other person pays.

Monzo has other features you might find suit better.

Tags is the only way to do this currently. A summary/breakdown of who contributed to a Joint account and who spent from it for any given cycle isn’t implemented at this time.

You would have to go through each transaction to ensure it is tagged ‘202309Person1’ or ‘202309Person2’ (example tags to alow searching for September 2023 activity) and then search for each tag. You’ll get a Summary total of what has been spent and deposited with that tag and an average at the bottom. At least on Android you do!

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It’s not to keep tabs, it’s to save the manual effort of counting contributions to ensure we are paying the same and it’s fair :slight_smile: I chose a Monzo joint account so we could also have a Pot for savings and to do the transaction roundups :slight_smile: I like that my partner and I also get our own card. As a Software Engineer myself, obviously I don’t know how the backend of Monzo works but I believe this would be a great feature and wouldn’t be difficult to implement. Out of curiosity, what features do you think would be better suited? thanks!

Yeah I think this will be the current workaround, thank you! Hoping Monzo likes the idea though, because I’m a bit lazy for it :joy::joy:

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Personally I don’t feel the need to track what my partner spends or adds to our joint account. I can see the transactions so I know where money is spent, and I trust her with that. So this sort of feature would be very low on my wish list.

But I take a very relaxed view to joint finances and I know some people want to make sure that it is exactly 50/50, down to every single Starbucks being split down the middle, I couldn’t live like that!

If you didn’t want to have the hassle of tagging, you could easily export the statement in a CSV and have some pre-set fields/formulas on another tab that would calculate who has added what over any period, that wouldn’t work for transactions though as they are not shown by who made them, so this would need to fall back to tagging.

I don’t use the shared tabs or anything, but something like that gives you a better detailed view of who is spending/paying for what I think.

Surely just pay the same amount in for essentials, and then use the personal for your own spending, and send bill splits for the payments you/they make that you want 50/50 is going to be easier than “you spent 27p more than me this month” type discussions.


I was gonna say just that. I think what you may be missing is a budget. If you know what expenses will likely go out in a month then you can just split that in whatever proportion you like between you and the other person, and simply pay in the same amount each month.

We just pay fixed costs into the JA.

Food and whatever else we split and as when because it’s easier and there’s no confusion on who spends what.

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We include food costs because it’s predictable month-to-month; I checked historical months and it was easy to find an amount. Same for all other expenses, basically. I highly recommend the OP engage in the same activity; it will make their life a lot easier.

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