Is it possible to contact Monzo direct?

Is there contact info to talk to someone from Monzo rather than a community forum (no offence anyone!)
While on a recent trip to New Zealand I asked a question about the charges NZ retailers are adding, I got lots of ideas and guesses but nothing definite from Monzo

Charges merchant end aren’t anything to do with monzo.


Go to ‘Help’ type ‘speak to an agent’

You’ll then need to navigate through a thicket of questions, but you should then get to speak to someone.

It’s not ‘speaking’ as such, and it’s not live chat - it’s more like messaging.


You won’t get to speak to anyone from Monzo on here, it’s mainly customers just like you. You speak with Monzo in app via the help section.

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There’s a thread pretty recently about NZ charges. If you’re referring to surcharges (2% usually) added for using card or for using contactless then this is nothing to do with Monzo and can’t be avoided with any card.

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I suspect I am referring to a surcharge, and yes as I remember it was about 2%. I accept it’s not a Monzo thing, but I wonder if Monzo are aware. It just seems wrong to me. Monzo is a debit card, it even says “debit” on the card, so to be charged a fee seems wrong. Here in the UK is a move towards cashless. New Zealand by these surcharges seem to prefer a cash transaction

Even if they were, is there something you’d be expecting them to do about it? If the banking systems in NZ charge a fee for card transactions there’s nothing any bank can do about it.

When any bank advertises fee-free spending abroad, that’s only regarding fees (or lack of) imposed by them, it’s always with a caveat that local charges may apply.

It’s the same as non-Link ATMs in clubs etc, they charge a fee but it’s nothing to do with Monzo’s fee-free cash withdrawals, it’s the ATM charging in the same way it’s NZ’s banking system charging here.


Monzo can’t do anything about it, no bank can. It’s just a way that they do it in NZ. Monzo don’t charge you any fees.

It’s not just international; NZ residents pay the same surcharges.

They’ll know how banking works.

I think the issue is more a MasterCard one as in NZ, overseas debit cards are processed as credit cards apparently. I don’t know if the same applies to Visa, though years back I know in Australia I always had to select the credit option even with a UK Visa debit card.

Visa debit cards from NZ still pay the surcharge; most just choose to enter their PIN rather than paywave.

At no point was I ever asked to choose debit or credit or savings. Of course I was only there for 2 weeks but it spanned large cities to small towns and I used card for everything. My other half used his NZ Visa debit card and we had the same experiences.

So do you have to pay in cash to avoid the surcharge or is there another way to avoid it?

For total avoidance yes.

But some places only charge if you use contactless. It’ll say on the terminal usually.

You have to accept the surcharge so it should usually be clear.

However it seems a Wild West situation out there, fees being charged whatever the retailer wants, and different terminals seem to have different options. I was never asked to choose credit or debit but that’s not to say none do, and they may well see a UK debit card as a credit card.

I find that foreign debit cards are generally processed as credit cards, not as debit cards as most people think.

So, for us foreigners, cash seems to be the way to go in NZ. Do their ATMs apply charges?

Like I said I didn’t have a single time that happened to me, the only places I ever paid a surcharge it would have happened regardless of who paid it.

Essentially - assume you’ll pay 2% more in NZ unless you pay with cash. That’s how locals work too; if you don’t it’s a bonus.