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(Matthew Jones) #1

Hey everyone,

I’m currently travelling in NZ but I’ve been having issues with the chip and pin machines when they ask ‘credit, checking or savings’.

I select checking but it comes up as an invalid card. I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences of this?



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(Josh Bray) #2

I believe you have to treat it as a credit account. Not 100% though

(Matthew Jones) #3


I tried this at a store just before you replied and it worked so looks like it’s credit from now on…


(Josh Bray) #4

Glad you could get it sorted.



(Hugo Cornejo) #5

Yeah, the answer is “credit”. This week we’ve been working on “tips on using Mondo abroad” and this is one of the cases that @tristan covered :slight_smile:

Credit or Debit
(Ian Kidson) #6

I brought my MONZO card to NZ before changing my allocated PIN intending to change it at an NZ ATM.
3 of the major banks here in NZ tell me that they have never heard of “PIN SERVICES” being available at an ATM and I am thus unable to change my PIN - Unless anyone knows better :thinking:.


We recently spent 6 weeks in New Zealand. BNZ did not charge for Monzo card withdrawals but you need to enable mag stripe first. BNZ machines are widely available. We had no problem with using our Monzo card in hotels, shops and restaurants on either island. Contactless limit was $80.


I’m going to NZ for 3w very shortly I will report back…

(Katie Lindsay) #13

I was in New Zealand in February and March, and had mixed success, I just dont think they have the tech yet, so mainly just had to find cash points which would let me withdraw (thankfully I did). So still really valuable when it came to not having to pay major fees.

Australia on the other hand… worked a treat everywhere!

(Stefano) #14

Hi I’ve been in NZ for a month last April, never had a single problem!! The card it’s working perfectly everywhere!!! I LOVE MONZO CARD I save it so much bank transiction fee!! Thanks

(Gina Slater) #15

I spend 6 months in NZ, 6 months in UK working .I have huge problems getting money home especially with sterling conversion rate at the moment. Is it plausible to load my monzo card and just spend whilst home or is that even more of an expensive way of getting funds? I am as you can see not very knowledgeable on these things.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #16

you might find you are stopped by your withdrawal / loading limits - as an enhanced verification user max ATM withdrawals / month is £400 - which in New Zealand would cost Monzo a 2.5% transaction fee -£10 cost to Monzo every time you withdraw your funds from an ATM - using POS terminals is far less expensive for Monzo - you would only be allowed to keep £10,000 on your card at any one time- all these limits can be found on your phone app under “card” - “settings” and then “spending limits”

(Gina Slater) #17

I haven’t caught up on that yet so had better do so,cheers.

(Marta) #18

Do you have GBP and NZD accounts? If the answer is yes, then you can get very good rates, and move any sums of money, with services like TransferWise or Azimo. Fees are very friendly, Transferwise said 5.97 GBP fee for sending £1000 to NZD 1,739.15. All exchanges I had with Transferwise took no more than 5 mins.

To send money with Transferwise you need to send bank transfer or pay with debit/credit card in that currency. To receive funds, I believe you need bank account in another currency. It’s possible to send money between you to other person (trusted family member that has bank account in currency you want?).

(Gina Slater) #19

Thank you Marta,sounds like a plan. I think I am sorted now.

(Stuart Frisby) #20

Just wanted to thank you all for your tips. I had no success on my first few attempts at using my monzo card in stores - but choosing credit at the account selection stage has done the trick flawlessly. It would’ve been great to get this information when I arrived, much like my phone operator gave me some cost info when I connected to a local network.

(Robert Brevitt) #21

Just landed in Auckland New Zealand. No problem Using Monzo here in shops but I like to get a bit of cash out. First tried ANZ atm but want to charge $3 so moved along to BNZ no charge :slight_smile:


Just spent 2 weeks in NZ, and Monzo worked well except for a couple of transactions. These were at the NPD petrol stations. I’ve raised this with Monzo support and they refunded me within a couple of minutes. I think it would be worth highlighting for anyone else travelling there.

This is what it looks like when you purchase petrol

It looks like it is pre-authing for $150, refunding that and then takes the amount required for the fuel I’d purchased - $54.45. Then another for $54.45 but using an updated exchange rate, but with a different name.

Talking to support, he explained that a card payment has two components - authorisation and presentment. In this case they weren’t properly matched.

I twice used NPD and both times this happened.


Presumably “pay at pump”?

In that case it’s new standard behaviour (although many UK petrol stations haven’t caught up yet): “Authorise” (i.e. “reserve”) the maximum amount they are willing to dispense, and refund the difference at some later stage. Annoying, but this behaviour will one day be ubiquitous, I suppose …


Yes, this is normal. But it is not normal to then issue the presentment without attaching it to the correct authorisation. That is why I get two transactions for $54.45.

Gull pay at pump petrol stations in NZ don’t have this problem, and I’ve never seen it happen elsewhere.