Is it ideal to have 2 current accounts or would look suspicious to Monzo?


I’m on PIP and want to have an account for everyday spending, I won’t be leaving Monzo as their a loyal brand to me and its not let me down once.

However, I’m planning to open another current account for everyday banking, like Starling or from a high street bank like Natwest.

Trouble is, such high payments being taken out a month (Over £400) would this look suspicious to Monzo. £100 standing order for family rent, £250 standing order for the other bank and some Direct Debits from West Midlands Combined Authority.

Would Monzo ask me questions or will this be fine?

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This will be fine.

Many people have multiple accounts.


Thank you. Thought I’d ask so the anti fraud checks don’t kick in and my account gets locked.

I get £627 a month and it wouldn’t be ideal for my Monzo account to be frozen.


Doubt there’s anything to be worried about

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It’s just if suddenly I pay over £300 to another account Monzo would think something is suspicious, that’s all.

Just anti fraud checks that’s all.

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If you were doing £10k back and forth then you might raise some flags.

Many many many people will get a salary/payment and then move money elsewhere. You’ll be fine.

While we can’t guarantee anything, direct debits and regular payments coming in and out should look like normal account usage, so normally wouldn’t cause an issue


I’m unemployed and I’m a student on PIP. No chance I’d deposit £10k a year :joy:


Yeah, it’s just the anti fraud checks to be sure the account being used correctly by the rightful owner.

If I was to deposit, idk £500 for example in one shot to another account, this could raise flags.

I normally have spending usage almost every day, so hopefully as the account will only really be used for direct debits and linked to a Curve card, in case Starling or something is declined it can take money out Monzo.

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There’s no way to predict whether payments would be held up or not - ultimately if the source of your funds are clean they you’ll be able to authorise the payment even if it were held up


What I might do as a precaution and Jsut because I’m terrible with money, is ill do a standing order every week for £50, then it should look fine rather than a straight up large sum.

Normally speaking, what fraud checks look for is abnormal usage. If someone is using their account fairly normally, they generally have nothing to worry about. Depositing £500 in another account wouldn’t usually be an issue for example.

If it was an account you never used for anything, and it got £501.42p into it and then £501.42 was transferred out straight away, though, that might raise flags because that’s just not a normal way to use a bank account.

The amounts are less important really, than just using the account like a normal person which you are


Tbh if you’re not comfortable with Monzo deep down you should have your income paid somewhere else - I’ve been the same recently. I’m paid into Revolut and have had no material issues. But them missing tax returns & my last salary payment coming in slightly later than usual lighted the tiniest bit of doubt - so I just switched the salary elsewhere. Ultimately - peace of mind is the priority with money.

Oh yeah, sounds correct. No way will someone deposit that much in shot just after opening the account.

This would mainly be in effect if it was a business who did this but there’s a business account for a reason.

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Rexx, I actually like Monzo bank because of the functionality it offers.

I only 2 accounts for everyday spending, and larger payments like Direct debits, standing orders or the occasional new technology purchase.

I’m not good with money and want my essential bills locked away elsewhere so I have enough funds for them to be sent out.


You could set the payments to come from a pot, then you could ring-fence that money and keep it all with Monzo.

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Yes just use pots - a major part of the Monzo USP is that you can ringfence funds without needing a second account. FWIW Starling and Revolut offer similar features

I get that - but would you be concerned with NatWest holding up a £300 payment? (Without a quick easy solution) Genuine question.

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Could do, but I have a habit of taking money out, or removing the locked pot to have it reach my current balance.

Plus its a peace of mind to have 2 accounts, one for everyday banking and one for standing orders, direct debits and the occasional new tech purchase.

I’m thinking of a £50 per week standing order, through something like Starling bank for example.

Natwest for just an example.