Is it ideal to have 2 current accounts or would look suspicious to Monzo?

It’ll not be classed suspicious, unless you sent it in and out of your account 3-4 times in a row they might wanna take a look.

You’ll be fine with receiving X amount on payday, and then sending it to another account same day.

Don’t stress, go for Starling as they’re not too different, or even check out Revolut (not a bank, so no FSCS protection).

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Yeah, was just a question because I have been a loyal customer of Monzo since September 2021, and I won’t leave completely. This was my first bank and will stay in my heart.

I just want an account for everyday spending and an account for direct debits, and as a backup for Curve if the Starling card declined.


Take a look how others are managing their spendings :bar_chart:, clearly most people have more than 3+ accounts :wink:


This has made me think about my own banking behaviour! I’m my partners carer, I get Carer allowance and PIP into my account then I put some of that into a pot (so cheeky bills can’t get it) then some over to starling, Then to think money to my partners account. I’ve done this for years without MI5 knockin.


Why have yiu gone from moving £400 a month between accounts to £50?

You’re unnecessarily worrying.

Many people have accounts with banks and move £2k or more between accounts at different banks by standing order on the same day. Usually for perks and different banks.

I used to do that on the first of the month.


You see, I have a condition that makes me overthink everything. I won’t go into detail as is this not a medical forum.

I have applied for Starling and I wouldn’t need £400+ in one shot tbh, I think £50p/wk is fine because its for essentials, and I’m a student as well. I’m just waiting to be approved right now.



A little late response but I actually got my Monzo debit frozen earlier because I took over £177 in a 10 min span. Some money to my Nationwide Account, some to my Mum and a little bit of money spent on Amazon.

Any other time I spent a large portion I’ve had no issues.

I got my debit frozen because I spent over £177 in 10 minutes on genuine bank transfers to another account in my name, or family and bought an item off Amazon for over £5.

Very interesting.

That seems very minor in the grand scheme of things.

It’s impossible to know what would trip it, so no use worrying.

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I’m more confused as to why the actual card itself got frozen but not the whole account.

I cannot speculate much as its against the rules to discuss internal systems.

Could you have done it yourself by mistake?

I don’t think your card would be frozen due to fraud.

If your card is frozen in the app then you’ve done it yourself.

Thats what others are thinking happened but for me, an Amazon transaction went through and whilst I was editing one of my pots (I was NOT on the card screen), I seen the card freeze…

So what evidence did Monzo ask for, to unfreeze the card. If nothing, it wasn’t Monzo who froze it. You wouldn’t just be able to unfreeze anything related to your account if they were responsible for it

If they asked for something, then fair enough, they did it