Is Discourse a suitable forum for Monzo?

(Peter Roberts) #21

As an example, this looks terrible to me. They haven’t updated it all to account for what we’ve learnt about UX / human psychology in the last twenty years…


I find it works OK on Android in Firefox, Opera and Yandex browsers

(Allie) #23

How much RAM does the G5 have? I’m wondering if it’s RAM heavy.

(Leon) #24

It’s functional…It’s not the best looking but neither is Discourse to be honest. I do agree it’s looking it’s age.

(Geoff Pascoe) #25

It works ok for me, but if I scroll back at all, I sometimes wait upwards of 20 seconds for the screen to respond to me moving my finger. And I sometimes can type a whole post before anything I’ve typed appears in the text box.

3GB of RAM. You’re probably right that it’s RAM heavy, but the fact that forum software could get anywhere close to 3GB of RAM is exactly what I was talking about with websites being made into full-blown apps when they don’t need to be. I could rant about this for a week, but I’ll spare you :wink:

(Allie) #26

Nah, that’s the same as the Robin. I was wondering if it was very low like some of the other budget phones. Very odd indeed…

(Mark Edmonds) #27

Could also depend on what browser you are using.

(Geoff Pascoe) #28

It’s equally bad on Firefox, Brave, Opera and Edge :frowning:

(Valeri) #29

Why not use their app?

(Peter Roberts) #30

The only app I’ve seen for android just uses Chrome under the hood I think (or embedded webkit or whatever it is)


I use Firefox on my Oneplus 5 never had any issues with Discourse. Phone has 8gb RAM though so this might be the difference.


App for iOS and Andriod were mentioned here;

They are just sort of embedded browsers though.

(Hugh Wells) #33

It’s a Progressive Web App (PWA) :slight_smile:

(Aaron) #34

Does anyone think we will at some point be migrated on to a new platform if Discourse doesn’t meet some GDPR criteria in time?

(Mark Edmonds) #35

Can’t imagine it. Discourse is a paid for service so I’d imagine they are up to speed.


It’s only paid for if they don’t host it themselves, otherwise it’s completely free (ignoring other hosting costs).

(Mark Edmonds) #37

Didn’t realise. Just seen it on Github though. In that case, I’d assume its hosted on AWS, again which would be on European region.

(Peter Roberts) #38

It appears to be hosted by HE

(Mark Edmonds) #39

Which mean it is the paid for service and hosted by Discourse

(Peter Roberts) #40

Yup. Given that Starling is also hosted there and Monzo is slightly newer and has both the IPv4 and IPv6 address 3 allocations along from Starling, I came to that conclusion too