Is Contactless Everywhere?

I’ve been using Monzo for a week now and have found pretty much everywhere accept contactless which is great as its progression of technology in the right direction

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Not quite everywhere yet, but a very good majority.

You’d hope. Contactless cards have been around for over a decade.


It’s a lot better in London where most markets take contactless! Couldn’t dream of that in some of the towns elsewhere in the UK but its getting there. I no longer get a confused look when I wait to use apple pay. I used ti be met with a blank look on the cashiers face as she waits for me to get out a a card or god forbid… cash.

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There are still card terminals around here without contactless… so annoying.

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I was in John Lewis a few months ago and they didn’t accept contactless (not that you can get much for under £30 there anyway). On the whole though in South Wales I haven’t come across somewhere that doesn’t in quite a while.

Aren’t Mastercard forcing merchants to enable it now?



The only place I’ve can recall I’ve been to which didn’t accept it in London is Hummus Bros in Soho, which was annoying as I’d gone with a friend and forgotten my wallet so wanted to use Apple Pay.

But even just over a year ago Sainsbury’s didn’t even have it on their checkouts, so it feels like we’re almost there.

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That’s because their terminals are ancient. In Waitrose Home (which is the brand name for the John Lewis above the Waitrose in Canary Wharf for whatever weird reason) they accept Apple Pay just fine. I am assuming they will en-mass change them at some point, counting on a volume discount.

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The John Lewis ones changed a couple of weeks ago to accept contactless but I agree they left it super late compared to other shops and the sister brand Waitrose.

My local chippy doesn’t. Probably a good thing, but still.


Has anyone ever had any issues when using monzo contactless abroad?
Is it different protocols or something that just means our UK contactless just isnt compatible?

With my experience its about 90% of the time it doesnt work and 10% it does.

I recently used contactless at a vending machine in France. The transactions (I tried twice) went through but I didnt get my coffee. Transactions were both refunded about a week later.

B&Q and Next were ones I remember trying recently that said No Contactless on them under some sellotape.

A couple of stalls on Spitalfields market are cash-only.

From what I recall last time I tried H&M, Top Shop and Next all didn’t take contactless in Central London recently.

There’s a new hipster health food shop opened in Glasgow city centre which is cashless. This alone makes me want to pop in and try some food!


I’ve used chip and PIN a single digit number of times this year. The most common thing I need to use the physical card for is just the chip for the collection of train tickets!


Why are Halifax so heavily advertising their cards are contactless? It’s like they’ve stumbled on something new


Same here it’s just once a week in Tesco when we are over £30

It uses Mastercard contactless. So it should work with every place that accepts MasterCard. But I have heard that because Monzo is a new bank that sometimes their systems haven’t been updated to accept cards from monzo

Which one is that then?