Ability to track balance over time

I didn’t think I’d miss it, but I do: the ability to see how transactions have affected your balance over time.

In the old app, this was represented by the graph at the top, which I didn’t really like. In the new world, the only way I can find is to export a PDF bank statement (which works very well btw).

But there’s no way I can find to view your balance history directly from the app.

Being able to quickly visually confirm why your balance is so low (or so high, I wish) adds peace of mind.

You can also export CSV statements

I’ll second this, as I found this morning after payday my balance isn’t as healthy as expecting. With the graph it was easy to see a couple of sudden drops in balance over the month, graph or no graph it would still be useful to have a small ‘balance at the time’ when scrolling through the transaction history. Monzo does claim to help with money management after all.