iPhone Upgrade Programme Questions (one year on)

Is anyone here using this?

A quick question: Is the monthly payment taken on the monthly date the plan was taken out, or the 1st of the month irrespective of the start date?

I use this!

It my (limited) experience, it seems to be the same date of the month you take it out.

I took out a plan on 21st of September 2018, my payments are on the 23rd of each month (probably a couple of days lag due to new direct debit mandate).

My first payment was a month after taking it out, in October.


I’ve been on it for 3 years and its on or about the same date each month

Thanks everyone. Just helps with the monthly budget.

Could you not do like you would with any direct debit provider and call up the company running it (I’m assuming Apple do it using financing from a 3rd party) and request the payment date be changed?

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The first payment is one month after you start the plan, and then every subsequent monthly payment is on the same day as that first payment. Barclays will let you change the repayment date once, for free, every year.


Interesting thought. I’ve never bothered to adjust my DDs to fall on one date.

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Me neither – always seemed like a bit of a faff. There are some people that swear by it, though.


Every one of my (many) DDs go out on the first on the month. Much simpler for budgeting!


Same here. All at the beginning of the month.


How did you make that happen?

I change my payment date for the IUP every year to the 1st to align with the rest of my direct debits. If not, it will come out the month after you sign up.

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Contacted every company I have a DD with. Some let you change the payment date online, others require a phone call.

I get paid on the last day of the month, all my bills go out the following day. Anything left is available to spend :smiley:


I think I was asked what day I wanted the DD to come out on when I set it up, but I can’t remember

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From memory it’s the date you sign the finance agreement on. But as others have said Barclays will let you change it, but I think you have to have had one payment go through first (again from memory).

And most companies will let you change a DD date although some will just make you sign up for a new direct debit (notably Barclays Finance who I have a second product with, just sent me a PAPER form to fill in… it’s 2019!!)

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Pay comes in, bills and savings out. Balance = left to spend.

So much to be said for the simple financial life.


I have a separate account for all my bills, so every pay day, the ‘bill amount’ disappears and I’m left with my cash for the month. Easy peasy! I’m a big fan of simple!

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Yep. All my bills are paid from Santander 123 and NatWest Rewards, so technically on Day 1 the money is transferred to those accounts but net effect is the same.


Hey everyone. One year on…

My iPhone XR on the Upgrade Programme is available to upgrade. My question is related to the one I opened with:

Currently my contract began on the 17th, and subsequently the DD has been taken on the 17th ever since. If I upgrade on the 1st (Sunday) will my future DDs revert to being taken on the 1st every month?

I can’t confirm the specifics, but I can say it’s a new loan agreement and a new DD, so quite likely it will match the new date.

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