Spending start date

(Dawid) #1

Hopefully it will be a quick question. So spending is based on the data of your money coming in correct? I would like to set the spending period to something different - I do it based on when I have to pay the rent for example but when I want to create custom period it’s asking me to select the transaction, based on which it will be created. There is no transaction. I would just like to enter “15th of each month”, or every 30 days/4 weeks from 15th July.

Am I correct in thinking this is not possible right now?

(Jai Sullivan) #2

@Dawid Correct, it’s not possible at the moment — you need to select a transaction of £200 or more. I believe there is more flexibility heading our way in regards to custom spending periods though! :iphone:

(Dawid) #3

Thank you, I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything obvious.


Looking forward to custom start dates! The new features are great. Are they on a development board anywhere that we can track?