Spending start date

(Dawid) #1

Hopefully it will be a quick question. So spending is based on the data of your money coming in correct? I would like to set the spending period to something different - I do it based on when I have to pay the rent for example but when I want to create custom period it’s asking me to select the transaction, based on which it will be created. There is no transaction. I would just like to enter “15th of each month”, or every 30 days/4 weeks from 15th July.

Am I correct in thinking this is not possible right now?

(Jai Sullivan) #2

@Dawid Correct, it’s not possible at the moment — you need to select a transaction of £200 or more. I believe there is more flexibility heading our way in regards to custom spending periods though! :iphone:

(Dawid) #3

Thank you, I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything obvious.


Looking forward to custom start dates! The new features are great. Are they on a development board anywhere that we can track?

(Tamzin Byrne) #5

Could someone from Monzo explain why this is? I changed my start date just to see what it looked like and it is super frustrating that I can’t change it back to 1st of the month (or any other date I choose). When you click ‘the payment I want isn’t here’ it feels like a bait-and-switch to be taken to a sales page to try to get us to put our salary in Monzo (and actually makes me less likely to commit).

(Andy) #6

Hi @Tamzin have you tried asking in-app chat if they can reset it back to 1st?

(Nick) #7

You can choose your start date by adding £200 into your account. I was able to cheat this by adding £200 via ApplePay. It took the money and credited it back immediately. I was then able to select that £200 to start off the month.

(Andy) #8

I think the issue is that once a payment has been selected you can’t reset it back to the 1st again. I’m hoping/thinking that customer support can do it.

(Tamzin Byrne) #9

It’s more that I’m frustrated that Monzo seem to have chosen a cheap sales tactic over a genuinely important part of the user experience. Are they really a bank with users at heart?

(Kelvin Papp) #10

I think their general feedback / engagement on this forum alone would answer that question… :grinning:

Do they get it right all of the time? Clearly not… but it doesn’t take long to find multiple reasons as to why they are a night / day improvement over many legacy banks.

(MikeF) #11

How does the Summary start date relate to sales?

(Tamzin Byrne) #12

Because when you click ‘the payment I want isn’t here’, you get a splash page which says the only way to change the date is a large transfer, such as your salary, and gives you the button to start the switching process! They’ve chosen to use this as a way to get us to shift accounts, when I really just want a basic bit of UI.


It’s a reasonably new feature and further flexibility will be added over time. It’s already moved on from MVP. You can contact in-app to change the date again until they add more options.