Expected direct debits/standing orders date

Hi. Can someone help me out? If a direct debit is set up for say… the 1st of the month and it fails and then comes out say… on the 10th. Will the expected date for that direct debit change to the 10th or stay as the 1st?

I have a direct debit for 24th of each month but it failed in may and then was taken on 12th of June. I used the expected dates to budget and I’m sure when I checked it said it was next expected on 12th july (although I might be making that up, baby brain and all that :roll_eyes::joy:) but then it obviously come out on the 24th of june as normal…

Direct debits are controlled by the company taking the money. Monzo when it shows you the expected date is just making an assumption that the next payment will be a month after the last one. It just so happens that the May payment came out on 12th June, but the company you’re paying will still take the 24th June payment.


Yes I understand that. What I’m asking is, would the expected date change based on the last payment made (a 2nd attempt at the dd) or, would the expected date remain the same based on the date that it’s set up with the company?

A month after the last payment. If the second attempt at a payment was the last payment then it will predict the next one, incorrectly, as being a month from then.

I guess it has no way to distinguish between a normal payment or a catch up payment or even a change in your billing date with the company you’re paying. So it just adds a month from the last payment.

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Ah right. So I wasn’t making it up when i thought it said the next expected date would be the 12th of july as opposed to the 24th of june? I thought i was going off my head :joy:

I assume then, it’s the same if your direct debits come out 4 weekly? Monzo will still assume its monthly?

I guess so, though I don’t have any. And presumably same problem on a weekly one?
Maybe someone else can confirm.

You can choose in the app how frequently you think a direct debit will be collected.


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