iPhone screen recording

Is anyone familiar with how @Naji record his iPhone when he’s making the videos for YouTube?. I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for a while know but we all know Apple won’t allow apps to do this because it’s a privacy issue.

Grab a Mac, plug an iOS device in to it, open QuickTime X, create a new video capture, select the device as the video/audio source and hit record. It’s that easy! :slight_smile:


Just to update, as of iOS 11, you can now record the screen from the device. Add the screen record widget to Control Centre.


Snapchat recording just got easier :eyes: :joy_cat:


It’s almost like they heard my cry for help, thanks for the update Richard. :facepunch:t2:

Now I wonder, does the QuickTime screen recording trigger the screenshot notification on Snapchat? :joy:

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No hence why Snapchat is allegedly blocking iOS 11 devices by, it’s happening to me but not all the time.

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Damn, @alexs must be worried.

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In Android there is an API that apps can call to prevent screen capture - Netflix etc. use it a lot. Does iOS not have similar?

It is now possible to do screen recordings on the iPhone in iOS 11.

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Yeah Sky do this


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I am able to screen record the Monzo current account app (but discourse does not permit me to upload anything other than an image)

I use Vimeo to upload vids

iOS 11 and later has the built-in screen recorder. Or you can mirror and record iPhone on computer

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