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So as the topic says looking for a decent screen recording software for Mac, what’s ur recommendations :wink:.

Depends what you need to use if for. The native Quicktime Player can actually screen record on a Mac.

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As above, Quicktime will do it and you already have that. What are your requirements?

Just looking to create how to guide for websites, don’t require sound either, looking for a small file size as possible also from recorded content am aware this is also down to size of screen recording on

In Quicktime you will be able to export in different options too (4K is greyed out because the source file I used for this screenshot was lower than 4k).

Agree with the comments, Quicktime is more than sufficient from previous experience :computer:

My go to guy for Apple product questions did a guide.

And if you do need audio

I recently used Open Broadcaster (OBS). Very complex tool but does the job perfectly once you set it up!

I believe CMD SHFT and 5 will start the in built screen recording.

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We use loom for web guides as they’re stored in the cloud and shareable with a link with no hassle at all

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