Charging woes

This year I was meant to upgrade my Apple Watch. Now I’m not so sure. But the battery on the current one is still just over 80%, so not eligible for a replacement. Sadness.

I’ll probably be fine because I can cut back on luxuries like this; but I don’t know how huge parts of the country will cope. The economy will absolutely tank if prices aren’t kept artificially low


I had a few upgrades planned this year. Namely phone and iPad. With the watch on an it depends what’s new. Airpods too.

Now I’m thinking just iPhone. The camera has become far too important, at least whilst I still have a dog, which is tempting me back to annual upgrades.

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I’m trying to talk myself out of an iPhone upgrade already; but I know as soon as I see the new shiny I won’t be able to resist. It’s the one toy I want to get year after year, even if it’s expensive. And as you say, the camera is really important. I shouldn’t but I probably will.

Is there a way to quickly reduce the battery health on an Apple Watch so I can claim on AppleCare before it runs out? :laughing:


:joy::joy: charge in the car during the next heatwave?

Temperature extremes do the most damage, but probably not fast enough to be within a warranty replacement.

MagSafe is destroying my iPhone, 14% degradation in the 10 months since I’ve been using it I think. Or thereabouts. Never had an iPhone deteriorate quite so quickly.


That’s terrible my Apple Watch is 3 years old and only at 86% battery health!!

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I’ll blast it with a hairdryer while charging :joy: I wonder what drains the most battery in a non-cellular watch so I can do exactly that, because maybe I’d be able to put it through two charging cycles a day. It’s at 84%, so quite close!

I don’t think it’s MagSafe doing it, at least not exclusively. I’ve been MagSafe charging since day one, and my Pro Max is still at 97%. You might have a faulty battery. My brother has that – in a year his battery health went down to below 80, with just wired charging. He doesn’t have an Apple Store where he lives so he now lives permanently tethered to an external battery pack

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I’ve not noticed battery drop either since using MagSafe at home and work since launch.

My 13 Pro Max battery dropped to 99% after just one month of a mixture of wired and MagSafe charging but has stuck at that since.

My sister charges her iPhone 8 Plus overnight every night and it’s still at 95%!

I’m going to skip the 14 this year but may upgrade the watch. I’ve regretted getting the green aluminium one because it looks black unless the light is just right.

Edit: Just noticed this is the Crises thread and here we are moaning about battery health and watch colours :slightly_frowning_face:

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Not being able to afford the new iPhone is a crisis IMO.

I’m going to upgrade. I’m on the upgrade program and if I don’t upgrade, I have to pay the same a month for the next 8 months anyway, so might as well sign up for another 20 months! :smiley:

I’m tempted by a watch upgrade, I’ll see what it looks like and what it costs. But mine still lasts the day, so that’s fine and while I’m doing DIY (and still wearing it) it’s probably better to not upgrade.


While not a crisis as such, I think it’s fine to discuss how the current shitshow affects people. I, for one, am starting to feel the squeeze and it’s not even October. I dread what January will bring

I’m on 99% using exclusively MagSafe, every night, since I got my 13 Pro. You might have a bad battery.


Yeah, I know - just felt a bit guilty for a minute moaning about my watch colour :laughing:

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I’m on a 12 Pro I’ve had since launch - so nearly two years. I charge it almost exclusively via MagSafe or bog standard Qi. Max capacity is still at 88%.

@N26throwaway, you’re holding it wrong I’m afraid.


I had completely forgotten I could check my battery health and this prompted me! iPhone 13 Pro Max, MagSafe charge overnight every night and some bog standard Qi charge during the day sometimes. Had it since launch day. 98%.


Had that theory tested at the Genius Bar back in March. They said pretty much the same thing as the Apple support agent I’d spoken to prior. You’re not supposed to leave it to charge and MagSafe overnight. The degradation is within normal levels for magsafe charging due to the trapped heat.

To be deemed a fault it would have to lose 20% capacity within a year, and I wasn’t, and still aren’t, on track for that. It’ll be about 16%. That’s nightly charging, with the optimisations enabled so it doesn’t complete until just before I wake up.

I know most folks here aren’t reporting similar experiences, but it is fairly common with magsafe duo from reports online, and everyone I know who charges their phone primarily with that (only 2 other people granted) is experiencing the same issue with both 12 and 13, and it seems to be related to overheating. The duo mustn’t allow the phone to cool as easily as the regular magsafe, but mine overheats, and if you try using it whilst it’s charging, it’ll shut down sometimes because of it.

That is quite concerning, and very un-Apple. Other manufacturers manage much faster charging, even wirelessly, without their phones shutting down

We’re probably far enough off topic that this should be moved to the iPhone topic @AlanDoe


Welp, I’m here to torpedo that theory. I leave mine on a duo all night, every night.


I am still on 100% with no magsafe and I ordered for release on my 13 Pro although I am sure I read a lot is down to apple having higher capacity batteries then the “100%” implies I believe so depending on how much better your cell is it will go below 100% faster than others but all have above the minimum on the spec sheet.

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It literally happens on every phone, its just not so easy to point to a single model. Android phones also are less likely to be used for the years upon years due to updates unlike an iPhone. I still cant believe people think the battery physics problem is an iPhone problem :rofl:


I exclusively use Apple devices and tend to not care about what Android folks get up to. But you can’t deny that most, if not all, Android manufacturers manage much faster charging speeds these days, both wirelessly and wired.

Again, I charge overnight so it doesn’t bother me – but it’s a fact nonetheless. Brand new iPhones shouldn’t get so hot that they shut down and lose lots of battery health in under a year, and that be considered normal by Apple.

Anyway, I don’t even know what point you were trying to make so I have no idea where I should go with my response :woman_shrugging:

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