COVID-19 Tracing App now available in England

England’s COVID Tracing App is now available - please download and install to help protect us all:


Download links

Even has dark mode , so no excuses not to use.



Still says it’s under a trial for certain areas when it loads up. I won’t be using it anyways as I don’t turn my Bluetooth on unless I want my laptop to auto login or when I’m wearing a chest strap in gym.

Edit now it’s decided to work

Full version released Thursday 24 September 2020, according to Google Play store.

Same, bluetooth kills my battery, I can’t keep it on for long.

It’s the full version on iOS Store. I had the test version prior to today. I believe it works now but official tomorrow.

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Just downloaded it to see what it looks like but yeah promptly uninstalled now as it won’t be any use to me

You can turn contact tracing on and off really easily, so maybe consider turning it on when you are out and about


A stitch in time saves nine


You are probably underestimating what I mean by ‘kills my battery life’. I might be able to keep it on while I’m on busy tubes or flick it on when in a restaurant though.


Nah just easier not using it, don’t have to mess around then at least.

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I’d not heard this for years until he came out with it, makes me wonder what planet he’s on :rofl:


I had no idea simply having Bluetooth on all the time could kill battery life. I’ve personally never had any problems, and I not only have mine on 24/7, but it’s almost always connected to something too, and I get through the day just fine, even on a 3 year old iPhone without a battery service.

Perhaps your battery just isn’t operating at optimal capacity and needs servicing?


Obviously my battery isn’t ‘optimal’ if bluetooth kills it lol.

I think you’ve already seen and replied to my thread about wanting to replace this phone.


Ah yes! I’d just realised it was you a few moments ago when you replied there!

Hopefully the new iPhone mini will serve you better!


An entirely pointless app. They should legislate that it’s a requirement to use it - otherwise you get idiots saying they’re not going to and the whole exercise is useless.

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You only need between 60 and 80% of people to use it, less if you exclude people who aren’t going out anyway because of shielding.

So I think it can work. I am going to use it but would have refused to use the centralised version they were previously planning.


That’s just not enforceable though. Not everyone has a phone that can use the app.

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Absolutely no way 60 to 80% of people are going to use it.

It’s definitely not enforceable, but if it was legislated maybe we’d get that 60 to 80% of people using it. I would hazard a guess that at least 60-80% of UK residents have a smart phone capable of it.

I also think that opens a whole can of worms about Orwellian authoritarianism.