Monzo update?

Anyone know when the next app update is coming? :sunglasses:

Normally comes out beginning half of every week. If it’s test flight generally around Thursday.

You don’t want the current one in TestFlight (491). Keeps logging me out!

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Thank you :grinning:

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If you ask cops they can do it. Although I believe it’s full at current, always worth a shot.

Just to let you know we generally only get the latest app update a few days before hand in case there are any major bugs. Most new features are hidden behind feature flags until it’s ready for everyone.

Not full right now after Apple dramatically increased the limit, though we had some issues adding people a couple of months ago. :+1:

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Who do I have to ask extremely nicely to get in?

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Just contact support and ask to be added to the TestFlight betas. They respond fairly quickly nowadays. :smile:


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