iPhone 14 pro (or Max)

When a new card arrives and must be activated, on iPhone 14 pro max the scanner does not work because the wrong camera lens is defaulted.

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If you ask your dad to tweet them it’ll probably be fixed tomorrow. :wink:

Which camera is it defaulting to?

I’m going to presume the addition of the 48mp essentially introducing a 4th virtual lens is screwing with a lot of apps which utilise the cameras though. Even camera apps like Halide haven’t properly implemented support for the new camera system yet, so you might just need to be patient. I’m sure Monzo will get around to it.

It’s been a while since I’ve got a new card so don’t remember what the activation process is like. Is there not a way to do it without taking a photo of the card?

Is your phone updated? There were some issues with cameras in 3rd party apps on the launch version of iOS :slight_smile:

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