Camera depth of field far away

The depth of feild/ autofocus (even when tapping to manually adjust focus) is only working at a certain distance when using the from camera on iPhone 15 pro.

This meant I had to take a photo of my license from a distance away which may make it more difficult to read.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Apple
Device: iPhone 15 pro (iOS 17.0.3 (21A360))
App Version: 5.46.0

That’s an iPhone issue, not monzo.

Mine does it frequently just take it from afar, it’s generally read by a system anyway so should be fine.


It’s as much a Monzo issue as it is an iPhone issue.

Sure the 14 Pro and 15 series main cameras have a longer minimum focus distance due to the larger sensor, but that’s why the UW camera exists.

Monzo needs to support the automatic camera switching below the minimum focus distance like most other apps. This will get more and more widespread as manufacturers implement larger sensors.


It sounds like an API issue to me. Specifically the use of a non-standard unofficial one. So it’s likely beyond Monzo’s control unless they rebuild this part of the app with the official API.

Monzo doesn’t even prompt you for camera access the first time you ever launch their app, which says it all about their implementation. It’s an afterthought to just get the job done.

Use the standard Apple API, and the device will handle this problem automatically (by switching the lens). But then they’d have to diverge more between iOS and android.

Does moving the camera back a bit not still get the job done? Monzo might need to then zoom into it a little but the photos are 24MP as standard now, so it should make no difference. But then the photos might not be with a third party API.

Most iOS/Android cross platform APIs (designed to make porting your apps to other platforms easier) suck.

Not sure about Monzo but most of these scan your licence thingies no longer have a shutter button but they automatically take a photo when the edges are detected within the expected area – so moving further away may not be an option.

Sounds to me like it’s a Monzo issue, one of laziness and cost cutting, specifically.

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I much prefer the Monzo way of prompting for it - a lot of apps do this now - prompting you for access to stuff when they need it, and not before.

They prompt for it when you need camera (if doing ID pics), or if you use it at other points. Having to go through loads of confirmation prompts to allow access to things you won’t need yet is horrible UX, and becomes a point where people just click accept to it.


I should rephrase then. Monzo don’t prompt for camera access at all. Every time I’ve had to reinstall the app, or upgrade my phone over the last 3 or 4 years, I have to quit Monzo once it gets to the camera step because it’s just a blue screen, head into settings, find Monzo, and allow camera access. Because the app doesn’t prompt for it, ever.

Never had that issue myself … always prompted etc.

I’m not the only one it affects. I complain about it myself in the various iPhone threads every time I upgrade my phone as do a couple of others. Here’s mine from this year:

And there are some other threads reporting the issue specifically.

@davidwalton usually has to keep cropping up around that time of year when everyone gets new phones to share his in depth troubleshooting guide for login problems. Several of which seem to be related to camera permissions.

The one I suspect would fix it for me is the whole delete, restart, reinstall shenanigan, but that’s long winded compared to just toggling it on from within settings. Really it shouldn’t bug like that all. But it happens every single time for me going as far back to upgrading to iPhone 11.

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Me neither - always requests access to the camera.

Yea I took it far away which was no issue… I just expected it to auto adjust so I could fit it in the frame… as long as it doesn’t cause readability issues for verification, I imagine it’s not high on their priority list! :slight_smile:

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