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(Kris wolton) #43

I’m surprised they don’t have a dedicated iPad app…I would much rather use that than my phone for analysis. View from my iPad Pro…


(Mr Punit Singh) #44

I agree with this. It’s the same view i see on my iPad Pro and I’m beginning to use that as my default “computer”. An iPad specific app that doesn’t log you out of the phone app would be really handy as i don’t want to keep reaching for my phone unnecessarily when i’m home


(dragosM) #45

Hello :wave: Monzo Team,

Can we get an update to any plans on the iPad app? It would really help out and as others have posted Monzo is one of the few banking app that does not a iPad layout.

Having an iPad app would help keep a better eye on statements and budgets as having it side by side with any Spredsheet app (Airtable, Sheets, Excel etc) to keep track of my finances would be very productive.

I would be curious to see if other users see the iPad app to have the same functionality, just a bigger layout or a different app with other functionality. I would be very happy to only have the Summary, Budgets and Export capabilities if that is easier to implement. I do not think I would need all of the functionality of the iPhone app :man_shrugging:

What do others think? :thinking:


(Ray Singh) #46

Fully agreed! It can definitely help me manage my finances better especially in a multitasking environment. I hope Monzo can look into this next year!



I’m really hoping this shows up in 2019 sometime :crossed_fingers::blush:


(S Lee) #48

Looking forward to an iPad app! :slight_smile:


(James Beaumont) #49

Me too! I’d also welcome a native Monzo iPad app that supports multitasking split screen and doesn’t log out of iPhone. Lack of iPad support (compared with Santander and especially Barclays) is certainly a problem for how I use my devices: iPad at home, iPhone out and about.


(Christopher Brown) #50

+1 for an iPad app, one that supports split screen etc. Makes use of the large screen size by doing more than just stretching the iphone layout out when in full screen. And of course don’t log me out of the app on my iphone.



Anyone from Monzo able to comment on whether an iPad (optimised for larger screen) version of the app is being discussed internally at all?

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(Greg) #52

I am really shocked Monzo has not yet given users an Ipad app or web interface. All the usefull info offers with budgeting too. I agree lots of us wish to view this info on our larger screens…

Monzo please make this so.


(Colin Robinson) #53

(Greg) #54

your link is hardly a solution as the web is for emergencies only.
very very limited functionality.
and no joint account info at all .



Now that you can vote on feedback/ideas, anyone who would also like to see an iPad app, vote at the top of this thread :blush:

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