Can we get an iPad app?

I don’t know about you all, but I am frequently using my iPad for things, I use it a lot for work and for running my business. I also chose not to use monzo for business for one reason, the lack of iPad support.

It’s so useful to be able to look at my account, check my purchases and manage my finances on my iPad, I know from others I have spoken too this is quite important for them too, can we please get some iPad support!

I understand that I can just get my phone out of my pocket etc, but sometimes I want to either use the device I’m using, or I’m talking to a supplier and I’m about to transfer them funds, now I either have to swap to headphones, move to speaker or hang up and call them later, neither are simple or elegant solutions. In an ideal world I could speak to my supplier and manage what ever finances I need to while talking to them, with other banks I can do this.

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