iPad app requested

This one is a request for the Monzo App développer.

I have now been with Monzo since it was a pre payment card and I have used both the Andrpid and IOS app developp significantly over the years. What I would like to see now it a better app for IOS on iPad and not have to use an upscale appof the iPhone on my iPad mini.

Stop keeping revamping the iOS app with new feature an make free tweak so that iPad user can enjoyed better experience using Monzo on their device.


I suspect you may get a few links of related topics as the feature has been requested before.

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Revels likely already on the case :joy:


This request is currently 4th in line for feature requests, with 215 votes:

I’d vote for it in the thread above if you haven’t already. But voting (and the number of votes) doesn’t guarantee the feature will be implemented.