iPad app

They’ve announced no plans to support tablet or desktop devices :slight_smile:

I’m still hoping for this at some point :blush: no signs yet though!

I’d like to send iPad app to be optimised to natively support Monzo, and improve cross-device connections for accounts


Make sure you vote for this at the top of this thread :blush::white_check_mark:

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Guys I really need an App for iPad, Im always travelling with my iPad and is complicated to depend the iPhone every time.

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You can download the iPhone app to the iPad. You can’t log into both at the same time though (if they’re both iOS).

+1 for an iPad app.
I use mine full time, and to have it as a widget on the iPadOS 13 home screen, alongside as an app in split screen, would be great.


Any update on this at all?



Seriously guys, focus your next bout of energy on this as this is what your users want.

It’s the only thing for me that is lacking from the Monzo experience.

This is what some users want.


It’s 6th on the current votes. Much like Fitbit pay (which I’d personally like to see) the proportion of customers who have an iPad and would use Monzo on it is likely quite small. In addition the current goal for Monzo is to increase revenue and customer numbers and I don’t see that this would achieve either of those.

Though an iPad version would presumably make the business account offering more attractive (and this generate revenue).


Either way…“your users want”.

It isn’t all users so you cannot say “your users” as if you’re talking Monzo it’s all of them - so it comes back to “some users” like @Anarchist said

I’d like to see one too, but if its a bit slower coming out and they focus on something different that is more game changing then in fine with at

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Some users want. Certainly, by votes at least, isn’t next.

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What would be the advantage of having an iPad app? Just a bigger screen? :confused:

I don’t have an iPad but the image of paying for your shopping with it using NFC makes me laugh :laughing:

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How do you view the votes list?

Here you go:


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Lovely, thanks