[iOS] wrong category for upcoming direct debit

My upcoming direct debit for Pure Gym is showing as falling under the “entertainment” category rather than bills.

Not sure why this is, all my previous direct debit payments to Pure Gym show correctly under the “bills” category, so something seems to have gone wrong here.

I can’t amend the category until the payment has been taken, so I’ll report back if it magically changes to the correct category without me doing anything.

Details to reproduce: n/a
OS: :apple: iOS 15.4.1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 4.24.0


Direct debit was taken today and it still showed the incorrect category (Entertainment).

I have changed it back to “Bills” now, but it’s weird that it defaulted to Entertainment even though all the previous direct debits for Pure Gym were set (and automatically stayed the same each month) as Bills not Entertainment.