Direct Debit list ordering

I’m asking this in here as it may be a bug rather than a suggestion.

Is there any ordering in place for the direct debit list? I thought it was ordered by due date with the earliest due at the top. But mine currently seems to be a mixture of due next at the top and bottom with odd ones in between.

Mine are arranged by due date, did have some at the very bottom as had not had the 1st payment taken so no due date, I don’t have any cancelled on my account yet :wink:

I had 3 debit today. Two of them are still near the top and one moved towards the bottom :man_shrugging:t2:

I only had 1 today and it has gone to the bottom u on iOS or android?

Where are you finding this list, in Payments > Scheduled? All mine listed in there show in the order they are due to be paid, with the next ones due at the top. I’m on iOS.

Also iOS. Will screen shot

EE were both taken today but one is near the top and one near the bottom.