Bug report: Incorrect matching of transactions with Direct Debits

The Scheduled Payments screen lists of all my Direct Debits. I have several Direct Debits setup with the same company - e.g. I have 2 for BT and 3 for Legal & General. What I’m finding is if I tap on one of these to view more details, the number of transactions can be wrong - e.g. for BT, the DD for my broadband shows 0 transactions (which is wrong - it should be 1) and the DD for my mobile shows 5 (which is wrong - it should be 4). You seem to be matching the transactions based on name only, when it needs to be name + account number/direct debit info. It would be great to get this tidied up because I’d love to see an accurate summary and breakdown of transactions per direct debit (not per company).

Happy to send someone private screenshots which show this but since they contain my account numbers I’d rather not post them here.

I’m using the latest version of the iOS app (v1.9.33) that’s available in the App Store.