Categories being strange?

Hoping someone can help.

For some reason my categories are being weird. Today I went to look at my bills category, which has always worked perfectly, and I’ve found that strange things have happened I.e. my Halifax direct debit is marked as Groceries. My Admiral car insurance as Home etc.

These have always all been under bills, so I can’t work out what has happened!

Anyone have any ideas or seen this before?

I’d like to ask customer care, but as usual, there is no way to do this via the app.

Select Help, search for Contact Us.

You can change the category and have it do all past and future transactions. That’s all I imagine CS would suggest and it will resolve it far quicker too.

You can change them yourself.

But things like this is why contacting support is “hidden”, as above, all they’ll tell you to do is change the category and do it for all. They aren’t going to give you anything more in-depth and you’re just using up the time of an agent who could be talking to someone who actually needs help.

(I realise there’s a separate point about how you should be easily able to contact your bank to ask them whatever you want, but here we are)

I haven’t come across the ability to change categories from a staff side, this is done at user end and I don’t even think we can see these as it’s all personal preference and not overly relevant to us, more a budgeting tool.

You can change them yourself and mark all past and present and it’ll resolve it all that way.

Does seem odd it’s all decided to jump around some.

I respectfully disagree. The point here is that there seems to be a bug: categories shouldn’t change themselves.

Having easy access to customer support is essential. And taking responsibility for bugs or errors - even if the customer has made a mistake - is simply a cost of doing business.


But what is asking support going to do?

“I’m sorry to hear your categories are no longer displaying bills as you’d expect. You can go ahead and change them by tapping into a transaction and selecting all/future/past and then you’ll be all set. If there’s anything else we can help with, please get back in touch”

What’s the point?

The co-op isn’t going to say anything more that’s actually helpful to it being fixed, isn’t going to give any insight as to why/when/how.

It is a cost of doing business I 100% agree with you there, but Monzo don’t want to deal with that cost for these sorts of things, they want to try and get it to helping people that actually need help.

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To keep a log of reports of strange behaviour to be able to better triage bugs and allocate effort to fix them.


I’d say that being able to ask support how to get the app to do what it is designed to do is a perfect example of what banking support should be there for. That the OP has felt it necessary to ask a bunch of customers for support demonstrates a failure of support.

It’s the equivalent of popping into a bank branch with a query and being advised to ask some of the other customers as the staff are too busy to help.


So much this.

And then getting get in a geeky argument between two regulars in the corner over whether the decor is quite right when all you want to do is get your banking done.

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But OP knows how to fix it?

He isn’t asking us how to fix it. He’s asking why/when/how it happened, which we don’t know and neither will the person he asks.

Not really :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine if the OP had to go into a branch to ask this question they wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be worth it. They’d seek their own help (like we’re seeing here), correct it themselves and move on.

It’s the type of thing that I might ask.

Sometimes apps have strange bugs where the “in the knows” say “well, yeah if you go into X screen and hit return 5 times it actually works”.

But sometimes it’s just reassuring to know that it’s a global bug that (hopefully) the app maker has noticed and is doing something about.

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Sadly neither of those things relate to Monzo support.

I was responding to this post…

… which I took to mean that he shouldn’t be asking us either. Which I didn’t really agree with.

Asking here is better/faster than asking support, sadly.

But for this sort of thing we don’t know the answer. If OP wanted to know how to change the categories then it’s a totally different question. (Also answered by support articles)

I wasn’t talking about this query. I was referring here to a query.

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Try delete and reinstalling the app maybe to see if that fixes it

I can’t see any of my categories have gone wonky


Well, didn’t that escalate quickly.

I asked here because I wanted to see if anyone else had had an occasion where their categories had changed by themselves, to seemingly random and unrelated categories.

At no point did I ask how to fix it per say, I am aware how to do this and those of you just saying “do it yourselves” missed the point of the original post.

And as for the customer contact part, it is essential that any business regardless of their actual business, has a easy to access and supportive customer care. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a 70 year old pensioner who doesn’t understand apps, or an 18 year old who just wants to understand why things have gone wrong. They should be contactable and helpful, even if it is just to log a bug on their side for the dev team to look at in 10 years time.

For those of you that understood the original post and responded appropriately, many thanks. For the rest of you, I yawn and move on.