[iOS] Verify Apple Pay


My Monzo account won’t verify on Apple Pay. Can this be fixed as the app is not providing any further verification options after the initial verify tab.

Does anything here help?

Hey @michaelmcguigan003 :wave:

Sorry for the trouble that you’ve had here. We’ve had a few reports of Apple Pay being stuck on verification for some users.

Could you please do the below and let me know if it works for you? (It has worked with 9/10 cases I’ve seen):

  1. Remove your Monzo card from the Apple Wallet completely
  2. Go back to the Monzo app and tap on Account underneath the Monzo card
  3. You should see an option to Add to Apple Wallet - tap on this and follow the steps
  4. This should then fully verify it for you :crossed_fingers:

I am suffering the same fate. New iPhone 11 wont complete verification process. Tried both ways- wallet to app and app to wallet. Neither work. Have dozens of success text messages. Clearly I’m the 1/10. I’ve raised with chat but waiting for reply.

Is this being looked into as a priority? Any other suggestions?

Just dropping into to say I’m experiencing this issue When adding Apple Pay through the Monzo app

I’m on 3.42.0 (654)

This happened to me too. I couldn’t verify the new plus card.

iOS 14 Dev Beta 2
TestFlight version
iPhone 11 Pro

Steps to reproduce:

  • attempt to activate new card
  • New card activates and message to say old
    One has been deactivated
  • Attempt to add new card to wallet
  • card will not verify saying old card still active

Identified workaround for me:
1 Close app
2 go to Apple wallet and delete old card
3 manually add new card via Apple Pay
4 card activates and is added
5 open Monzo and card updates

Also the card - while updated in card details still shows up as hot coral. Is this a bug too?

You have to remove it then add it again to get the updated design.


Thank worked ( I had to delete it twice and re add it twice) but it worked


Hi, thank you very much, it worked


Glad this thread could help you