Unable to verify Monzo card for Apple Pay on iPhone XS

As above - just got a new phone, Apple Pay was working fine on my previous phone, but now it keeps asking me to verify the card, even though I already have! And so double-clicking the side button doesn’t bring up the Apple Pay/Monzo screen at all - was very annoying and embarrassing in Tesco since I didn’t have my actual card with me!

Have you tried removing the card from Apple Pay + adding it in again?

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Have you looked under:

iPhone settings > wallet and Apple Pay > monzo card - which I think should give you some options for verification?

If nothing is there I agree with @michaelw90 that the quick route would be remove and re add the card

maybe this would work ?

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Did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue It will not verify through the app! I have deleted and tried re-entering it takes me to the app but does nothing and shows nothing to click to verify.
I have tried not deleting and just entering as a different card it says this card exists.
If I can’t use the card on Apple Pay then I just won’t use the card and will have to use my other bank cards. But surely out of all of them I would have thought Monzo would have been the less complicated!!!

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