✅ [iOS] User authentication required - recurring error

Issue: User authentication required loop. See gif below. “Solved” by reinstalling app (again).

Details to reproduce: Wake up, open Monzo :man_shrugging:
OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone SE
App Version: 2.12.0 #449 (or possibly version previous)


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Known issue with one version of the app :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t occur in future and, as you found out, by reinstalling :+1:


I have downloaded the app and when I go to verify my mobile number, the code is sent and when I try to verify if fails, Ive deleted and re installed the app 4 times and it still happens.

Tried to re install and when I try to verify with code sent to my mobile it says it cant verify

Your best bet is to email help@monzo.com so they can take a look at this for you.

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App not updated and keeps flashing red screen saying user identification required:

Open app and do Touch ID:
Iphone 7+:
App Version: ??? App not working so can’t see. No updates in App Store available tho

**image **

Delete and reinstall. It’s had a whoops when updating

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Yep. Delete and re install fixed it


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I had this too. Reinstalling fixed it.

Hope it doesn’t happen again

I just opened the app and it keeps saying there was a problem user authentication required over and over again even though I can see my balance etc.

This only started today. Anyone else had this?

EDIT: solved by reinstalling

Nope, have you logged in and out?

Just found another thread actually with people with same problem. Can’t log out or press anything and is just flashes there was a problem.

Deleting and reinstalling fixed it.