✅ [iOS] Monzo user number: 0

Issue: monzo user number is 0

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone 7
**App Version:**2.15.0

Screenshot: image


I’ve had this ever since they introduced the feature… How you getting on with this bug?

What steps have you taken to try and resolve it?

Generally if you removing the app and reinstalling fixes most issues like this :slight_smile:

I’ve tried everything! I’ve uninstalled it numerous times to no avail. I tweeted about it and they asked me to go through in app chat support, but I never got a response. :frowning:

I would enjoy the title whilst it remains!
That being said, i wonder who actually is #0. Is it Tom Blomfield?

Would there actually be a #0, should it not start at #1? :exploding_head:

Back on topic though. Thankfully it’s not having any effect on anything so I wouldn’t worry about it too much :slight_smile: