[iOS, US/UK] Incorrect Billing Address


For those with US / UK dual accounts who opened the UK account first, the incorrect billing address is shown in-app and on the statement for the US account.

Details to reproduce:

Open a UK Monzo

Add a US account using the in-chat deep link sent by Monzo CoOps.

Provide a US billing address during sign-up. Wait for account to fully open.

Look at address in both US settings, and US statement. Address shows as UK.

The address provided during sign-up for the US account is the true US billing address which needs to be used for card not present purchases, however this does not reflect what is shown in app.

OS: 12.4.1 (16G102)
Device: iPhone 6s Plus
App Version: 3.12.1 #584



Isn’t this because your current address is a UK address and Monzo wants a current address on file for both accounts, not a past US address?

If you have both a US and UK current address then I guess you need to choose which you would like as ‘current’. For about a decade I left my bank address at my mum’s because I moved around a lot.

I did think that, but the UK address is not what is accepted for transactions.

When I moved to the UK, My US CC all were updated to the UK address. At that time the US address no longer worked for tx

This does sound like an issue, though i wonder how many monzo users it would be an issue with. You can have two current addresses especially where you spend time frequently in two different countries. That doesn’t however sound like your issue @Js38wju3jda, it sounds like you don’t have a current US address at all? So you wouldn’t be providing accurate information to Monzo. Not sure if thats an issue in the US but i think data laws here require accurate info.

I do have a current US address though…

I do not mind if the app uses one or two addresses.

What the app does need to do is show the accurate billing address on the statement though, whatever that may be.

If that is indeed UK, then transactions need to be approved with the UK address.