Notification icon number

(Chris Black) #1

Hello, I have no idea if is a bug or not. I have this picture:
So you see there that on my Mondo icon is number one, as it should be a notification. , but is like that by when I did the last update. I tried to go in the app and to go everywhere to see if I can find something new , but it doesn’t disappear lol. I turned off and on my phone but it’s still like that haha, I have no idea what it can be.


I’ve had similar issues. iOS 9 latest version of the Mondo App


I’ve noticed this too since the latest update, usually have to open the app and force refresh the content to make the notification go away

(Daniel Edwards) #4

I get this too! Since updating the app, the notification number stays on the app until you open the app a second time, then it clears.

Bug with wifi notifications
(Andrew Hamilton) #5

Yes, experiencing the same issue here. It clears if you drag down to refresh when in the app, so maybe just a caching issue?

(Chris Black) #6

Nope, anything i do is the same; now is number 2 :joy:

I will try to delete it and reinstall and then I will see.

(Herp Derp) #7

Same here, stay on until I open a transaction then they sometimes clear

iOS 10 dev b3

(Chris Black) #8

Yeh, I reinstalled, when I was still log out, there still was the number 3 notification on the app, after I logged in it disappeared. Now, I made a payment and the notification number is not going away again, even if I go in the app many times and refresh it, or restarting my phone.

iOS 9.3.3

(Richard Dingwall ) #9

Thanks everyone who reported this bug! :bug: (a few of you mentioned it in the in-app chat as well)

It’s a known issue, we’re looking at it and should have a fix soon :slightly_smiling_face: