Budgeting on Android

Hi, I just joined after seeing the budgeting feature on my friends app. I didn’t realise that that was only for iOS. When will you be releasing this feature for Android?

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Coming very soon! Android team are working hard on it right now.


Hey, same as above. Is there an ETA on the budgeting yet? Its my only reason for joining :slight_smile: x

I wouldn’t expect it on android till late this year possibly longer. All efforts are on the current account and probably will be for months afterwards for support purposes

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I did ask about this recently.

Essentially, budgeting requires a big rebuild for the current accounts, so budgeting for Android will launch for the current accounts and not the prepaid scheme to avoid building it twice.


Mentioned this on another post but seems logical to put it here too.

Just curious if for Monzo (in relation to Android Targets) that’s a “we’ve been building it for the current accounts behind the scenes and it will be out along with current account release or shortly after” or its a “when the current accounts are rolled out we will start working on it”.

If it’s the latter then I can see a lot more people on Android being annoyed at being left behind once again as it could then take months after current account release for that feature to be implemented. (iOS user so doesn’t impact me)


Hi there, just another nudge about budgeting functionality for Android. It is one of the main reasons I got the app. Are you able to give a rough timeline for this? Thanks

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Yes, this feature’s on the roadmap here.


Thank you very much indeed

That’s very helpful

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I was wondering if there was update on this? I thought this feature was close to being completed in Jan.

Given its been 8 months, has this been put on the back burner?


Please can you let me know when this budgeting feature will be available for android? Thanks

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10 months after it was coming ‘soon’ it’s still 6 months away.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up of it ever happening.

Where is this feature??? Can’t believe Android is still waiting!

Any update? I’ve recently moved from iOS to android and have to say it’s a shame this feature isn’t available. Roadmap was posted over 6 months ago and nothing as yet. Be great to get this feature soon - I cancelled my YNAB subscription to use the one in iOS!

A month away from the 12 month anniversary of the ‘coming very soon’ comment…

I suspect pots will end up as the primary budgeting tool and the ios budgeting tools will never be ported.


Is this happening? This was a massive part of why i got Monzo, only to find out the feature was only on iOS.

I held out because we were supposed to get this before Monzo moved from prepaid. Not cool


I want the answer to this as well as well as when it will happen. I have fully moved over to Starling because of it’s integration with Yolt (budgeting app). Either Monzo needs to get it’s API up and running, or get budgeting working for the current accounts.

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Made the switch from iOS to Android and was shocked this (what I believed to be a flagship and reason to get) feature was missing. I’m no programmer but I can’t see why it is so difficult to add in.

made me laugh, i’m no brain surgeon but can’t see why it would be so difficult to perform a lobotomy!


Yes @jpjama, except I am exposed to multi platform apps and software every day of my life. :roll_eyes:

Next time I go into a restaurant, best not form any opinion on the food as I am not a trained chef…