Seeing Target notifications on Android, even though feature is not available?

(Chris) #1

Hi folks,

I’ve started to see push notifications to my Android device stating that I am spending too quickly for specific and overall targets for the month (screenshots attached).

I’m a little confused, as the targets functionality is not available on Android and I can’t see where I can set or change the amounts.

Is anyone else seeing this? :slight_smile:

iOS to Android - Targets
(Jolin) #2

Did you previously use Monzo on iOS and set up targets? There’s no interface for setting/adjusting Targets on the Android app, but if they are already set up you will still get the notifications. I believe you can message in-app support and ask them to disable your targets.

(Daniel White) #3

I also get this but as @jzw95 has pointed out, I played with Targets on iOS so do get the notifications through.

(Chris) #4

Good point - I have used the app on iOS before, so I’ll message support now. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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