iOS sorry that was a problem

I have verify my card, but it keep show ‘sorry there was a problem, please try again and contact us…’ after showing the overdrafts introduction.

I am still stuck even after I reinstall the app. May I know what is going wrong?

How are you verifying your card?

It seems ok. It didn’t say anything.

Glad you got it sorted :+1:

No I mean it doesn’t show that I got problem with card verification. But now I am stuck in the ‘introduce overdraft page’!

I asked how you’re activating your card. Are you holding it to the back of your phone for example?

I have the same problem.

How do you know it’s the same problem when no details have been given?

Let us know what steps you’re taking to produce this error and hopefully one of us can help :slight_smile:

How do i activate my card? I key in the number and then it change to the “overdraft introduction page”, then to this “Sorry that was a problem” and keep on looping between this 2 screens.

What steps do I took? I just follow the instruction and then it just stuck on these two screens. Even I have reboot my iphone, or reinstall the app, after I log in, it stucks!

So I just stuck in these two screens!

In the process of activating my card, I stuck in these two screen as well. I tried to call the hotline, it was too busy to get through.