[iOS] Refer a Friend

(Simon) #1

When I refer people there is now a notification saying i have got £5 and under it it says you have referred x number of people.
Only thing is every referral says 17 people for me? is this broken?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #2

Have you not referred 17 people in your Monzo lifetime using Golden Tickets?

(Simon) #3

I mean every time a new person notification comes in it says 17 people.
The last 3 notifications said 17.

Details to reproduce: refer a friend notification
OS: iOS 12.1.2
Device: iPhone SE
App Version: 2.33.0 #503
image image image


This looks like a bug ==> consider moving the topic into Bug reports and editing your original post to add additional bug report detail:

Details to reproduce:
App Version:

(Simon) #5

Edited to include info. Not sure how to move the post.

(MikeF) #6

Done that for you.

(Simon) #7

Thanks :slight_smile: