Show how many people are referred by people you've referred

Now that golden tickets have rewards I’ve seen a lot more people inviting friends and family to monzo.

The new invite screen is great and shows interesting metrics of how many people you’ve invited, however, over the weekend I noticed that a friend that I had invited to monzo had been sending invitations.

I would love to see some form of statistics on how much of a further impact your invitations have had. Eg the number of invites your referrals have invited.

Any other fun stats anyone can suggest? Maybe some network analysis could show you the amount of your monzo contacts were invited by you or something

I don’t think I’d be keen for the person who invited me to know how many people I’d invited.

If the information was anonymous, that would help, but if a person only sends out one invite, they’d know how many new customers that person had invited.

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Of course, there would have to be an ethical and security consideration for this and anonymity is key here. I think that you’re right about when one person sends out one invite. However, I think maybe this information would only be available when interesting data is.

The guy inviting only one person isn’t likely to be interested in their impact on the Monzo customer base but for the user who has invited 10+ customers, this information could be very insightful and personally rewarding.

And of course, this is just for fun! So not very high priority but would be nice to see some form of acknowledgement in this area for the dedicated and highly referable Monzo users

I invited no one here and don’t intend to