UI Bugs on iOS - Monzo 2.2.0

(Jai Sullivan) #1

I’ve spotted a few bugs over the last few days and whilst I am currently running iOS 12 beta and Monzo 2.2.0, they were present on iOS 11.4 and Monzo 2.2.1.

Payments Bug - when attempting to send a payment, after entering amount and authenticating via Face ID on iPhone X, the screen reverts back to the payment screen with no visual feedback to the user to confirm it was successful. There’s then a second or two delay before the ‘assign a category’ screen comes up. Can the UX be amended to provide some feedback, such as ‘payment successful’? I can upload a screen record if this is required by the iOS team.

iPhone X UI Bug - Navigation bar on iPhone X has issues when entering the app sometimes, as per below. Both have been reported to COps in-app, but thought it’s worth highlighting here in the community too.


That navigation bar issue has been there for ages. I’m surprised and kinda disappointed it’s still not fixed. :sob:

(Jai Sullivan) #3

Yeap, it’s not great — pretty basic stuff. Do you know if this is isolated to iPhone X or is it affecting other models too? :iphone:


Isolated to iPhone X as far as I know - never noticed it on any earlier model.

(MikeF) #5

I thought had been tagged as an iOS bug?


Not saying the opposite, I was just commenting on how I remember seeing that bug for way too long considering it should be a straightforward fix.


Yeah, it was noticed a month or two after the iPhone X was released. Monzo claim it is an iOS bug not a Monzo bug. Not quite sure if that has change since I last read that.

(Jack) #8

This TestFlight version seems unstable to me. It’s crashed twice when in the payments screen and the lag! Well I may as well go make a coffee while I wait.

I hope they don’t push it public :hear_no_evil:
Submitted beta feedback with video evidence.

(James Murray-Ferris) #9

Everything in Direct Debit and Subscriptions is also now described as an Online Subscription even if it has the “Cancel Direct Debit” button underneath…and indeed if you can be bothered to wait 2 minutes to just check out 2 different scheduled payments because god knows where that lag has come from

(Jai Sullivan) #10

+1 for lag on the payments screen and everything being listed as ‘online subscriptions’ :eyes:

(Daniel White) #11

If it was an iOS bug I would have expected to see it in other apps, but I haven’t noticed it at all except in the Monzo app.

I keep getting to they they (Monzo) are fixing it. I’ve not been told that it’s an iOS issue before.

Fact is, the iPhone X has been out 7 months now and this is still broken which is hugely disappointing. It’s been mentioned in the Quality thread, it’s been mentioned here. Each time Monzo appears to be skirting around the issue.

(James Murray-Ferris) #12

Additionally if you click the category that is on the Dorect Debit Detail page then it doesn’t actually let you change it