[iOS] Notifications persist after logging out

push notifications persist on iOS even after logging out of the Monzo app. This can result in personal data being leaked.

Turn push notifications on for Monzo. Then log out of the app. New push notifications still come in per whatever options were chosen before logging out, such as transaction notifications.

iOS 12.4.1 (16G102)
iPhone 6s Plus
Monzo 3.4.0

I think talk of leaking is a stretch, personally. It’s still my phone in my possession.

I’m not sure notifications are (or should be) dependent on the log in state anyway, although I can see that an element of personal choice may be desirable.

I can see a scenario where I allow someone else to log into Monzo on my phone temporarily, however, that might cause issues. I wonder what happens then?

Hopefully it could still be resolved by a reinstall, even then.

I thought that was what was supposed to happen? It’s the whole point of push notifications for any app, isn’t it? Or an I misunderstanding what you are trying to do?

You’ll have to uninstall the app to stop the notifications?

You can stop them in iOS settings. You can also disable rich notifications.

For me, I’d want to receive notifications when the app is logged out. I don’t need a notification to tell me I’ve just spent my money. But I put up with those, because I do want a notification if someone else is spending my money. That would apply whether the app was logged out or not.


If that’s what you want then don’t log out. But if you log out, you shouldn’t receive notifications. Just like you don’t from Facebook or Messenger or any other app.

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I couldn’t agree more, I was struggling with some of the comments in this thread! If you log out of something, you are no longer connected to the service.


My AmEx app logs me out every time I close it. I still want (and get) the associated notifications.

(I would have said Tandem but I haven’t seen a notification from them in a month or two)

I am not talking about when the app is closed or quit, I mean logged out, as in no longer signed in.

The whole point of signing out is to disconnect service. For example if I wanted to switch accounts. Or used someone else’s device.

For some people, yes. Others appear to log out every time they’re not using the app.

Amex’s logged out state is different to Monzo’s. For example, you can log into Amex’s with biometric id, more akin to Monzo’s “use biometric authentication everytime I open the app”.

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This is disingenuous, the proportion of people that log out every time they close the app is (I’m guessing, but this is fairly common-sense) very small.

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I wouldn’t get too hung up on the numbers, personally, I’m not particularly worried either way. I was just pointing out that, as with all things, this isn’t a cut and dried issue.