Privacy feature for notifications

The push notifications for account activity are useful but there only exists the option to turn them on or off.

Currently these send the full detail , such as salary payments and what I spent and where, in the notification text. These are then able to be read by the likes of Google and Apple, and I don’t want to be feeding either of those my full financial activity.

Instead, the app should notify of a new payment in, or spend activity etc, and when clicked, open the app to show the full detail in the app itself. It’s still showing some info of course, like the fact I’ve spent some moey and when, but not the amount and location.

Privacy is ever more important to people, and no UK bank offers this functionality. Seems to me it would be an easy win.

Do you think Apple/Google are sat behind you, waiting for that notification to see how much you got paid?

That notification is as secure as the app. So it’s either all being read, or none of it.


I don’t want to add further to your paranoia but when you open the app and see the map and merchant data, this uses Googles services so in your scenario they’d find out where you were shopping one way or another.

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Neither are sat gathering your data out of the Monzo app from the notifications. It’s a secure environment for a reason.

Very interesting I never really thought about that before but I’m not worried

If diagnostics are turned off Apple gets sent no data plus I doubt they’ll even want to see bank notifications as theirs no purpose for it plus I mean it’s not like they’ll rob you even if they was spying on you, since they’re a company who cares about privacy and one of the richest to do random things like that.

What happens if someone steals your phone and sees it all they’ll do worse then a company like Apple or Google.