[iOS] Loan showing up under Joint Account scheduled payments

Issue / Details to reproduce:
When navigating to the Joint Account Payments screen, my Monzo loan payments show up in the ‘Schedule’ tab under ‘Scheduled & Standing Orders’

OS: 13.3
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 3.12.1 (currently latest)

I just noticed it, so this might have been there for a while and not be related to the latest app version.

I would expect the loan payments to be visible under the Personal Account scheduled payments screen only.

Do others with a Loan and a Joint Account see the same?

Can your partner see your loan in their scheduled tab as well?

She’s on a plane at the moment, so it’s impossible to check :grinning:.
I’ll get back to you about this, but most probably tomorrow.

Maybe in the meantime someone else with a Loan and a JA can verify if this is happening :thinking:

Got the answer now:
Not visible by my partner under scheduled payments in her personal account.

I was expecting the above. Didn’t think that it would be visible by the other owner of the Joint Account.

However, it’s still not right being there in both. It’s a scheduled payment of the personal one.

Would be great to see if anyone else sees the same.

Same thing happening for me here. The monthly loan payment shows up under Scheduled Payments while viewing the joint account payments. Shouldn’t be there really.

I agree; mine is the same. However, since I consider my Joint account as my main account, it would be really good to be able to pay your loan directly from the Joint Account. As it happens I have to have a scheduled payment from Joint to Personal the day before my loan payment comes out of my personal. Easy enough, but the option to move the payment to the Joint would be a nice feature.