[iOS] Make Monzo Plus visible under Payments/Scheduled

Please include the Monzo Plus charge under the scheduled tab in the payments section. The amount I put in my bills pot every month is determined by what is in there. It seems a bit odd to not include it. Any automatic payments should be in there. At the moment, you can’t even get around this oversight my manually designating it a recurring payment.

This has been suggested before. Vote for it in the below topic :+1:

May just be me but the Monzo Plus Subscription does show on the payments tabs! You can’t however choose to pay it from a pot.I assume you have to make the payment for a few months before Monzo’s algorithm picks it up as a subscription

Not there for me :thinking:


Doesn’t for me, in the “Payments” -> “Schedule” section.

Are you on iOS or Android?

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Is that a new thing? Didn’t show on there for me AFAIK. Or is it possible to mark the transactions as recurring I wonder? If so, it’s a possible solution for OP.

No it isn’t. :frowning_face: That’s what he wants adding :sweat_smile:


Android/iOS disparity perhaps then :sweat_smile:

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This is what you see. When you tap on it you’re taken to the Plus tab. Which feels a bit odd to me.


We don’t get that on iOS. Bizarre that it takes you to the plus tab. :face_with_monocle:


That’s a very good and interesting question please don’t tell me this is a parity thing. I am currently using an old Android for the time between selling my iPhone XR last week and waiting for the delivery of my 12 Pro

Didn’t check the payments tab on my iPhone before i let it go but will be interesting to see if it’s there on my new iPhone last week

FYI, unrelated, I hate the Monzo app on Android, I cannot wait to get iOS back!

Also worth noting it shows up with Standing Orders, not with Subscriptions & Direct Debits

And people want more apps/versions!

This is such a basic thing, it shouldn’t even be a consideration that’s its not the same on both. You don’t roll it out for one until you can roll it out for both.


@addzy @Peter_G

100% not there in iOS - this is a parity issue, and one that @Treasuretrove has highlighted.

Glad we got there in the end with this, and have come tothe issue.

Now to tag in some Monzo people? :eyes:


Between parity issues and AB testing, it’s getting quite hard to provide decent help, because we may see something in our app completely differently to the way it’s presented in theirs.

I remember a few years ago Monzo spoke about why they do it this way, but I think we’re at a point now, where everything just needs to be the same experience for everyone unless you opt in to betas, labs, and testing. There are just too many customers now.

Maybe parity is coming! :smiley:

Premium payment showing for me in Payments>Scheduled (Scheduled payments and standing orders)

Android beta app


Hey all :wave:

Thanks for the feedback on this topic. I’ve moved posts back here from the other thread where it was being discussed where they were on-topic and relevant. :slightly_smiling_face: