[iOS] "Invite Contact" prompt for person already in "Pay Contacts On Monzo"

Issue: I have a contact in the “Pay Contact On Monzo” section of the Payments tab. When I touch their bubble to pay, I get asked if I want to Invite that person to Monzo. Since the person should only be in that section if they are already on Monzo, this is confusing/incorrect. I’ve never paid this person before, and their contact card contains only their first and last names and a +44 phone number

Details to reproduce:

  1. Go to the Payments tab
  2. Touch on a contact in the “Pay Contacts On Monzo” section
  3. For most contacts it should pop up a “Send Money” screen
  4. For some contacts it will ask if you want to invite that person, even though they’re already listed as being on Monzo

OS: iOS12.1.3 (16D39)
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: 2.33.0


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