iOS Home screen widget broken after current account upgrade?

This is my Monzo widget after I upgraded to a current account. I’m not sure what it’s trying to tell me - perhaps something about how the widget will work once I start using my new card, though I started using it last weekend.

iPhone 6s / iOS 11.1.2.


I’ve an iPhone 6 and the widget works normally. I’m on CA and don’t recall seeing what you are seeing. Maybe when you start using the account the widget will revert to normal behaviour?

It’s just a warning about the widget being accessible even if the phone is locked. Some people may not want their bank balance showing. It will go back to normal when you use the account

I am using the account - everything’s fine in the Monzo app itself. And the widget worked fine until I cut over to the current account.

Try reinstalling the app. The widget should work fine after an upgrade :slight_smile:

Oddly, if I turn on the “Require Touch ID to unlock app” option, and then turn it off again, the widget works. It works when the option is enabled as well, which seems wrong.