[iOS] Widget doesn't work before first card activation

Hi all

My Monzo widget isn’t working. It’s briefly showing what it should, however it goes back to this:


Any way to fix?


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Mine is working fine. I’d check that your app is up to date (2.24.0), and if it is, try a delete and re-install.

Tried a reinstall, same issue.

Working fine here as well on 2.24 and iOS 12.1.1

How long have you had your account?

Only two days, but I’ve been using it with Apple Pay

wonder if that’s the reason, not enough data. Don’t know though, only a guess

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Just got my card, plugged it in, and its working.

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Ah must require full activation then. Good to know for future!

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Yep - works great now. Really enjoying Monzo as my main account!


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