✅ [iOS] Deleting Payee Crashes App

Delete Payee then the app crashes
Details to reproduce:
Delete payee from recents or anywhere in the payments tab
iOS 12.2
iPhone 7 Plus
App Version:

I just tried this - deleting a payee from the all contacts list, but it didn’t crash for me.

iPhone X
iOS 12.2
Monzo 2.41.0

Don’t know if it’s an older iPhone issue but it happens pretty every time I try to remove an old payee

Did you delete the payee by clicking on edit at the top right of their name, then delete payee? (That’s what I tested)
Or swipe to delete the potentially only linked account showing, which I would imagine also deletes the whole payee if there’s just one account.

I go into the payee and then click edit and delete payee then it crashes/closes the app that’s how I’ve done it in the past and it’s been fine but it’s been doing this since the payment update.

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Happens on latest TestFlight on latest dev beta iOS on iPhone 8

Can you let me know if this is till happening on the latest version?

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Sure thing I’ll try it now

All good for me

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All good now thanks :slight_smile:

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@craigj - I’m getting the app to crash under the conditions stated above. My app version is 2.49 #528