Crashing when opening payee's bank account after deletion

Issue: When you delete one of the payee’s bank accounts, you will crash the app if you try to open another bank account that’s linked to the same payee. Attempted on multiple different payees and the same issue appears.

Details to reproduce: Payments > See payees > Select payee with 2 or more bank accounts > Edit > Click bank account > Delete > Open another bank account.
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
App Version: 5.20.1 #902

Screenshots: N/A

Fine here on android.

I was able to re-produce on iOS 16.5 beta 2, App v 5.21.0

Paging @iOS_Health!

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Also able to reproduce on iOS 16.4.1 iPhone 14 pro with App Store build 5.22.0.

It’s worth noting that editing payees has been a buggy mess on iOS for as long as this new interface has existed.

Thanks for the tag.

@Spury This crash has been noted and raised with the team, thanks for the report!