[iOS] App Crashes when swiping to delete recent payee on payments tab

(Steven Galton) #1

I have noticed when cleaning up my payees on the iOS app that it crashes after I swipe and press delete on the payee (screenshot below).

Details to reproduce: Swipe a recent payee and press delete
Device: iPhone X
iOS version: 12.1
App Version: 2.26.0 #489


Good spot, will let the team know. It’s also happening on v2.27 (beta).

(Ben Sheppard) #3

I’ve told them, they told me to reinstall and try again and it still does it


I’m in the beta program and the crash still occurs, so it is a problem with the iOS build. I’ve submitted an error report to the devs. :+1:

(Tom) #5

I flagged this issue on an earlier beta, too, so they should be aware of it, hopefully!

EDIT: I flagged it on version 2.25.0 (482)

(Dave) #6

Same here on iOS v2.26.0 #489



Fixed in the latest beta (2.27 491) Should be rolled to production soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Steven Galton) #8

That’s great news! Glad it is fixed :slight_smile: