[iOS] Contact permissions bug

I have a problem that every time I try and ‘find friends’ and it takes me to settings to allow access to contacts I do not have the option to allow access to contacts. There is no mention of contacts. I’ve checked my friends accounts and they have a contacts option but I don’t. I’m running a newer IOS version 11 and my friend is on version 10. Is anyone else having this problem?? So infuriating because I need to set up a joint account and can’t because of this!

Do you not have a toggle saying ‘payments with friends’?

At the bottom there is an option to select ‘Payments’. When I press on this I see a big button saying Find Friends on Monzo, click this and then press Find Friends. A pop up comes up saying please change contact permissions for Monzo in settings, I click settings but there is not an option to allow access to contacts. Where in my friends app you can slide contacts on and off I do not have any mention of contacts.

This is something which affects a lot of apps, happens with other privacy settings as well. If you do an iOS reinstall or a reset settings on iOS it deletes your privacy settings but most apps don’t build in functionality to ask you for permission again. The only way to fix is to reinstall the Monzo app and it’ll force it to ask you for contact permission again.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it but I was only asked to permit notifications (which I did) I wasn’t asked about access to contacts and the same thing happened when I clicked Find Friends.

I just reinstalled the app and after logging in I was asked to accept notifications, presented with my feed screen then when I clicked payments it asked for contact permissions like below


That does not come up for me. I get this…

Monzo%202 Monzo%201

And that’s directly after doing a fresh delete and reinstall of the app?

Yep…very annoying!

Very odd since uninstalling will remove the settings and force the app to ask for fresh permission. I’d raise it via in-app chat for support

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ok thank you for all your help!

Have you tried going through Settings > Privacy > Contacts

and seeing if Monzo is toggled on first? I know that can stop it appearing elsewhere…


Good idea didn’t think of that one

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately it just says 'applications that have requested access to your account will appear here…but it is blank.

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Is there a software update available for your handset?

No I am on 11.4.1 which I think is the newest?

It may be worth updating to iOS 12.

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ok i’m updating now

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I’m inclined to say it might be your iOS as if you have apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or anything that requests access to contacts they should be showing …

If you can’t seen anything at all then I defo think it’s the iOS.


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